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Solutions Overview

We at The Integrated Connection LLC (TIC) have a diverse set of solutions, services, and applications to help our clients achieve optimal results by implementing the technology. We enable diverse organizations to:

  • Increase People Related Efficiency.
  • Reduce Costs
  • Enhance Identity Management
  • Optimize Business Processes


We design solutions for any type of organization including;

  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Enterprise
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Transportation

Our solutions and services can help you in serveral ways. e.g;

  • Business Processs Optimization
  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Increased Revenue / Profit
  • Maximize Resources
  • Reduce Errors
  • Reduce Downtime

Integrated Access Control Solutions

Make your workplace or home more secure through a centrally controlled system.

Make your workplace or home more secure through a centrally controlled system. The Integrated Connection delivers sophisticated security solutions and simplifies the overall security management of your home or office. Through access card or personal PIN, we keep all chances of theft away from you. You no longer have to carry a metal mass around with you all the time adding weight on you, TIC provides you with state of the art technology and networking solutions, the merger of which enables you to feel safe and keep your property secure.

Visitor management system is an easy way to provide access to the visitors through allowing them to register and track accordingly. This is a perfect way of getting rid of uninvited guests in your territory where you have confidential information or private property. Intrusion detection can be easily identified through multiple ways too. The Integrated Connection has made management of your visitors easier like that.

TIC manages to secure your car parking area and restricts authority to specific people, the ones you have given security access too. The hardware or control panel that is used is versatile for access security system.

Something that every organization needs in an office environment is monitoring its staff. Once you acquire the solutions provided by The Integrated Connection, you get reports automatically delivered showing staff movement and time keeping. Biometric, barcode, magnetic strip, wire card are multiple readers used in the process of building a highly integrated system.

When you build a home, you chose the best for it. Each and every detail is being taken care of, and you try to choose the best in terms of quality, durability, and protection. These days, with latest technology inventions, home security has been taken to another level. Gone are the days when people used to keep a dog for security purposes. Through the use of internet and amazing gadgets, the homeowner can not only make accessibility of their house better but it also adds to their sense of security. Since everyone’s home solutions requirement is quite different, the Integrated Connection offers the best and most convenient access control solutions to their clients.

Video Surveillance

If it’s important, protect it with CCTV.

Monitoring the activities of your home get easy the moment you have a proper set up formulated for the process. The Integrated Connection provides the latest mechanism for video surveillance of your home. The set up is easy to use, easy to install and comes with easy to understand interface.

Once installed, the video surveillance setup will be there to guard your home and your valuables. If you have a toddler at home, and you need to go out for sometime, you no longer have to worry about the security of your kid as you can keep an eye on your kid with the help of the video surveillance solutions provided by The Integrated Connection.

To make the entire experience of working with us unique, the video surveillance experts at TIC first analyse the location, draw sketches and then come up with a plan to install the video surveillance equipment at the most suitable spots of your building.

Before delving into the mechanics of integrating the video cameras of your home or workplace, our team comes up with an assessment plan and an analysis takes place of the needs of your business, and our hardworking team at TIC comes up with a security camera solution for you.

The built in system of the video surveillance setup manages to contact your authorities for you, hence making the overall process of monitoring and communication simplified and easier for you at the same time. Our team is highly motivated to work on the lines of innovation and therefore they bring something new on the table each time and make our customers satisfied.

We also like to engage with the customers demanding complex security requirements, and it becomes a challenge for the Integrated Connection Team to come up with a solution for their problems.

Smart Home

Your Home Control on the Go!

Home cameras are not something recent or new in technology, an upgraded version is always there. Through the latest high-end technology, TIC helps you in increasing the security of your house in a better way. We provide solutions in terms of intrusion detection, lighting control system, energy management, garage door control, garden lights and water sprinkler, CO2, and gas detection and a list of complete entertainment control. The video surveillance setup is meant to monitor any suspicious activity and instantly report to you through the alarm. Not just beneficial for monitoring any burglar activity, this video surveillance setup can help you monitor your baby and alert you when the baby wakes up from sleep.

Having a good infrastructure and constructing a beautiful house is not just it. Lighting options account for bigger possibilities for beautifying your house. Lighting gets far more exciting if you want to use it for enhancing the aesthetics of your home.Controlling the lighting system gets far more interesting and easier with a single touch and simply by speaking. There are unlimited solutions offered by TIC which add a lot to your convenience.

In order to save energy and monitor the overall energy performance of your home, TIC offers energy management solutions which can be help control devices through web or a TV. This energy management system not only helps you manage the consumption of the overall electronic devices but also helps you reduce your electricity bills too.

The list of possibilities at The Integrated Connection is endless. Environment Control is all about the control of electronic devices such as TV, lights appliances, AC and more. The temperature of a certain room can be easily managed through these environment control solutions.

It becomes really easy for you to take control of all entertainment devices such as your LED, Music player or even home theatre. Once installed, you get access to everything through one single control button. There are other multiple entertainment solutions provided by The Integrated Connection which are designed as per your convenience.

Data Center Solutions

Future-Ready Data Center Solutions for Your Business.

Resolve your business challenges through the constant support provided by The Integrated Connection in terms of data center solutions. Move through your data quickly in order to access better results for your business. In order to open up new dimensions of operational infrastructure efficiency, TIC comes up with future-ready solutions for your business.

What we call ‘lift and shift management’ involves coordination between all the teams of TIC including network, security,application, server and storage facilities. It is a very complicated process and basically the project may take longer than expected. However our expertise on the matter makes us the best choice.

Modern ICT infrastructure provided by TIC allows you to validate, integrate ICT infrastructure such that it helps you in optimizing your work load. Your business enterprise applications are supported by the data center applications from Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.

The solutions provided for data center solutions such as TCO is affordable for small businesses and speed application deployment purposes. For storage purposes, TIC provides solutions for long term backup of your business setup ensuring growth of your business.

Disaster management is another area where TIC Data Centre Solution team provides backup and recovery options. Our cloud based DRP is one of the most significant options available when it comes to disaster management data recovery.

The Integrated Connection also comes up with data sanitization solutions. Precisely if you want to remove things permanently off the memory of devices and make it good as new, we offer complete solutions for that purpose as well.

Other significant services include the data storage solutions through storage area networks (SAN) and the network attached storage (NAS). The Integrated Connection manages to pick up all the right choices for you in terms of data storage solutions and tackles long terms storage problems for you.

Control Room Solutions

Manage large scale security operations through a centrally controlled system.

At The Integrated Connection, we manage to make your control rooms, fancier and more functional. The comprehensive nature of solutions involving visualization and communication makes the work flow smooth.

Once you have one of The Integrated Connection control rooms, the situational awareness and productivity of your team increases up to ten folds. Sharing of information within seconds happens through the effectiveness of the communication consoles. The TIC provided security rooms that are meant to monitor any suspicious activity in your vicinity or any intrusion in your private property.

We also come up with customized control room and consoles focusing on the furniture, walls, interiors, fall ceilings and raised floorings. Customized theme based control rooms are also one of the specialities The Integrated Connection offers. Soundproof production and broadcast control rooms are one of the most demanded services at the TIC.

Other services include network operation centers, command and control systems, a broad range of DLP based projection engines, TVC, Spider video processors, transport network management, emergency responses and unique wall access display solutions. It becomes crucial for us to deliver the best without causing any damage to your walls which is ensured at every level.

Business Systems

TIC offers diverse solutions for various business platforms.

ERP Solutions

Want to integrate your business systems with the help of a single integrated view? The Integrated Connection Business solution offers integrated view of business system through a single view. Data can be traced real easily, really fast through the ERP applications. Your business commitments, production capacity, inventory and even the payrolls can be easily traced through ERP solutions provided by TIC.

CRM solutions:

Customer relationship management softwares are designed to gain valuable customer insight. It is one of the most favorite solutions for the business community and many businesses have flourished due to the increase in predictability as a result of the CRM solutions. It is through the applicatiable nature of CRM softwares that you can easily track the customer and their previous engagement or dealings with your company. CRM solutions are managed by The Integrated Connections through web based applications.

Business Intelligence Systems:

The best part about these business intelligence systems is that they offer help in developing long term strategies with respect to your business. The data provided can be really old or gathered from a source. These business intelligence systems open new dimensions of analytics for you.

Workflow Management:

Managing all the tasks of the employees becomes easier the moment all the actions are prioritized. Designing softwares which has all of your tasks on one platform makes it easier for you to go through them and complete them in accordance.

Business Process Modelling:

The government agencies, charity organizations and private organizations often consider looking for the The Integrated Connection Business Process Models. Also referred in the acronym BPM, Business Process Modelling applications, help you understand the analytics and manages your work flow in the most stressful hours. In short you make smart choices if you have a business process modelling.


Structured Cabling & Networking

In order to enable interoperability, structured cabling plays a big part. In simpler words, structured cabling enables telecommunications operability. The Integrated Connection LLC develops the infrastructure of structured cabling system that affects your system functioning altogether.


Structured Cabling

Most of the people want to find out what exactly does structured cabling look like? You would have observed that in a normal setup, the cables appear to be connected directly to and from the hardware directly which needs connectivity. However, what our telecommunication experts at TIC do is that they link the cables through a series of trunks and patch panels and that is how the wires are connected to the hardware at the top of a rack. These patch panels ensure better telecommunication connectivity altogether.

Fiber Optic

Highly effective in the environment which has long distance switches and for small switches in subdivisions in offices or parks. These days the requirement comes of fiber optics come from offices and working environment at large for its fast and compelling nature. In a large working set up, the provision of fiber optic services breaks down the network into small service areas. Hence, in a situation when a lot of people are using a network, there are least chances that the network would break out.

Testing, Commissioning, and Configuration:

A complete testing and characterization of cabling occur when The Integrated Connection team members pay a visit to your setup in order to verify the transmission through cables. Testing is beneficial for the cabling network in such a way that it ensures the overall performance and for is effective in future endeavors too.

Routing And Switching

The basics of any IP Network involves switching, therefore TIC ensures effective transfer of data from one node to another and configures the switching rightfully. It is a fact that wiring is a key component of any network. Simple patch panels in networking process are used to connect telephone, printers and other equipment. Any changes needed will be done not in the entire structure of cabling but simply in the patch panels installed in the networking room.

Networking and Point to Point Radio

All the issues regarding networking are most likely to be resolved at our end. The Integrated Connection provides you with networking solutions that meet your business requirements. Our team at TIC understands the fact that the modern technological requirements differ at each level and therefore we manage to provide an effective solution with respect to networking.

Similarly telecommunication requirements of a setup are also met through the point to point radio system. Installed to fulfil the security requirements of a setup, or to maintain a communication setup within an organization, point to point radio services are one of the many services provided by The Integrated Connection.

System Integration & Convergence


Business Systems Integration

Involves a complete set of process through which the client can easily access information system investments. The Integrated Connection accesses your business performance over the years and covers the loopholes in the earlier business performance through an integrated system keeping in view the requirements of your business. It’s more like an end to end solution involving service oriented architecture.

Software Development

The Integrated Connection comes up with the software which are customized to your business specification. In order to meet the requirements of your complex integration challenges, TIC has a devoted team with the right expertise meant to resolve your problems. When you integrate your IT system, as per the requirement of your business needs, you are provided with a solution to many of your problems including human resource, customer development, and financial management.

Software And Application Customization

The quiet opposite of the traditional software and applications, customized applications are exclusively meant for your corporate entity. Since each business requirement is different from the other, the software and application requirements also must be different. Therefore the Integrated Connection LLC designs customized software and applications for you which has all the desired features that your company requires.

End to End Solutions Integration

Other digital solutions include End to End Integration. The interesting factor about this particular solution is that it helps you reduce costs and analyse the pros and cons of a prospective project. It helps you in estimating the budget and the entire schedule with respect to the business prospect.

Unified Communication

The Integrated Connection has made working a lot easier through an easy communication setup, which allows people to interact through tools like instant messaging (unified messaging to all of your co-workers), audio/video conferencing, IP-PBX and public announcement.

The main aim of unified communication is to integrate software such that one can easily access all the devices on their computers. This setup is useful in a variety of ways. When we take the example of a traditional office setup, we see that the conference rooms are equipped with speakerphones and a shared display system which is so much better than the conventional system of arranging a conference. Another advantage of a unified communication setup is that you can easily set up a communication setup with employees working remotely.


Unified Threat Management

Unified Threat Management deals with highly effective solutions in terms of system security, and enables protection without slowing down your system. It ensures that your system remains virus free once you have an antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-spam solutions. Other solutions include:

Content Filtering- Deals with blocking or banning a certain type of traffic based on file extension and protocol command. The MIME patterns help determine the type of traffic in HTTP and MAIL protocols. It enables to block the content while filtering through the MIME List. Whereas the MIME exception list contains the content which comes with the exception. In this way effective filtration takes place.

Remote access- Access to many of the popular operating systems is provided through Virtual Private Network or VPN. Anything that is unsafe for the wireless network is eliminated in the process and in this way safe browsing is enabled for you.

WAN Failover- It can be termed as one of the ways to provide you with the best internet connection. There are moments when slow internet makes you go a little mad, The Integrated Connection plays a crucial role in providing you a fast connection. Overall, this system gives the switching criteria to your connection and gives you total control of your connection.

IPTV Solutions

One way of distributing live Television features across an organization is that is connected to an IP network. It becomes furthermore interesting when the same network is used for the purpose of exchanging emails, and for googling different stuff is used to distribute live TV shows or radio shows across the network of your organization.

The Integrated Connection has digitized the whole information receiving setup for you through the digital information boards and web content throughout your facility. All of the digital content can be easily viewed on thin LCDs, large format displays and even on desktop computers. Gone are the days when tangled wires would connect one LAN network. Wireless connectivity has changed the overall scenario.


One of the many advantages of acquiring this particular service of The Integrated Connection is that it is cost-effective. It uses your existing TVs, PCs or any other audiovisual setup and hence there is no need for a separate terrestrial setup.

People concerned a lot about the overall security of their systems need to relax once they have installed this TIC enabled IPTV solutions for their organization. It also saves a great deal of your bandwidth given that each video or live channel is streamed only once on the overall network.

Another reason to have this IPTV solution for your organization is that you will not have to worry about the overall management cost. It is easily manageable and a smart/cost effective solution.


Digital Signage

Digital signage is highly essential when it comes to the modern marketing techniques. The Integrated Connection uses LCDs and different modes of modern projections to display images, or videos etc. Widely seen on public places, these digital billboards or projector of your brands.

The Integrated Connection projects your brand or product beautifully on a screen such that your brand visibility increases up to ten folds.


The list of possibilities with respect to the medium of projection is limitless. TIC provides you with a large number of media formats on which you would like to place your information, images or videos along with a wide range of templates for you to chose from.

Zoning, scheduling, and playlists are discussed with the clients and best solutions for them are suggested. Along with that content management systems are also formed for long time management of the client provided data.

Be it funky, classy or professional digital signage services of The Integrated Connection are unique and have no comparison.

Web Based Services

Web Based Services have become more or less a necessity of every small or big business industry. The Integrated Connection offers a wide range of services in this regard.

Response Website Design-  This approach makes the whole orientation of the design and development process. The use of  CSS queries smartly in this process if the user wants to switch between their laptops to I-pad, the resolution of the website  automatically changes in order to accommodate the resolution, image size and also the scripting abilities. In this way the additional effort to design the website templates for every new gadget are avoided.

Web-Based Application Development- The Integrated Connection provides you easy ways through which the users can integrate their websites and use them like applications and thus enables interaction with the users easy. Many examples of this website integration can be seen in online banking, online reservations, online polls, and blogs.

Web Hosting And Email Services-  Web hosting involves using the storage facilities of another server so that you can easily access them through your website. The Integrated Connection is there to provide you services involving web hosting and email marketing.

Search Engine Optimization-  SEO is currently required by every other organization having a website. For a website to be more visible on search engines like Google, SEO plays a major role and our SEO experts will enable your site to reach among the popular most searched topics.

Other services include middleware development, social media marketing, search engine marketing and payment gateway integration. Altogether The Integrated Connection is one place where you can come for all of your solutions, be it management of your website or be it all the digital solutions.

Solutions for MNO & MVNO

In order to keep a track of all the transactions and keep a check and balance on the business revenues, be it a small or large business setup, MVNoS play a crucial role. They help a lot with the transaction process and simplifies complex business structures.

An end to end solution is provided through The Integrated Connection in terms of the MNOs and MVNOs such that a phenomenal growth in your business is predicted and cost optimization takes place in a better way.

Every new challenge relating to your business can be countered effectively through the MNO and MVNOs. The domains that can be included in MNO and MVNOs include mainly:

Operation Support System:

These are basically a composition of programs that help a communications service provider effectively control an IT or telecommunication network.

Business Support System:

Basically deals with the professional management of the tasks and the incoming revenues of your business. This is one of the most highly recommended solutions when it comes to The Integrated Connection.

Access Control And Surveillance:

One of the best things about the placing an access control on your device is that it enables you to restrict any unwanted presence on your device and ensures better security of your device.

Wireless Site Security:

The best way to gain information is through wireless aceess to get information out of a setup is through wifi. It can be harmful especially for a setup with confidential information. Moreover, no company compromises on the security breach. In order to make the entire setup exclusively secure, The Integrated Connection can play a crucial part.



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